What are your beauty concerns?


I think there are various worries of postpartum moms.
Among those worries, Reauty
to solve beauty problems
We sell many items.
This time, we will introduce the ASTEM according to your worries!

◆ Sagging buttocks, bulging stomach
For troubles around the buttocks and abdomen
Reauty Perinelizer is recommended!
Simply place this item on your chair and use it when you sit down.
It will tone your pelvic muscles.
When the pelvic muscles are in place, the functions of the muscles that have declined during pregnancy are restored.
It will help you to repel the sagging of the buttocks and the pokkori belly.
It's just a place to sit, so it's also recommended for busy moms!

Reauty Roll is recommended for posture problems!
Postpartum moms will inevitably become stooped with a cuddle string or breastfeeding.
Problems such as neck and shoulder pain are also common.
Just lay down on this roll,
It expands your chest and stretches your spine.
It has a relaxing effect,
Recommended item for tired moms!

◆ Legs and buttocks
For sagging buttocks, use the Reauty Perinelizer mentioned above.
Put Reauty Sole in your shoes
Taking a walk is effective.
So that this sole can use the muscle of the buttocks from a foot effectively
To guide me on how to walk,
You can expect the effect of hip up!
In addition, due to the structure that gently supports the soles of the feet,
You can enjoy walking without getting tired!

How do you like the Reauty items?
Using items that match your concerns,
Let's have fun and bring back the beauty of postpartum!

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