The story of the birth of RealLine products-Insoles-


How RealLine products were developed
Do you know?
This time, the RealLine product developer's doctor of medicine and physical therapist
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada)but
I would like to talk about what inspired me to develop the product.

Kamata has so far matched the foot of more than 2000 people
I made the insoles by hand.
However, handmade insoles
・Time consuming and costly
・You can't make the same thing twice
・Insurance issues
There were problems such as

Therefore, while using it, your feet will get used to it,
And I thought there was a way to make it cheaper,
ReaLine・I decided to develop an insole!

From the experience of making insoles for over 2000 people,
We researched what kind of design would be best to fit the feet of many people,
Developed over a long period of time
ReaLine・It is an insole!

moreover,ReaLine・The sports type of the insole
You can choose the hardness that fits yourself
It also has customization features!
Although the item I bought
The insole that fits you while using it,
It is a product that can be said to be a custom-made insole!

The secret story behind the development of this product is currently on the YouTube channel
It is also published in "Kazuyoshi Kamata's Distortion Laboratory"!
Products that I always use
The inside story about the product that I want to use from now on,
Why don't you listen to it?

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