Good use of RealLine CorenothoraxHen

ReaLine Corenoの上手な使い方~胸郭編~

[Skillful use of RealLine Coreno]thoraxHen-]
This time RealLine Core (ReaLine・How to use core)
「thoraxIntroducing how to improve the movement of the side!
There is also a video on the 4th sheet★
thoraxSince it is located in the center of the body, the movement of the spine,
Arm movement, movement from the pelvis down, etc.
Almost all movements are involved.
especially,thoraxBetter lateral movement
Better shoulder movement
There is a merit!
Shoulders are important in many sports.
for example,
・Swimming movement (stroke)
- Volleyball serves and attacks
・Baseball throwing motion
A typical example is a large arm movement such as
Let me show you one exercise.
【Side flexion exercise】
1 Place one hand on the back of the head
② Bend your body sideways while consciously stretching your ribs up and down.
③ Return to the original posture
④ Repeat
⑤ With one hand extended, bend the body sideways.
⑥ Repeat

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