Posture is also an element of beauty


"I want to be beautiful forever!"
If you are a woman, I think there are many people who want that.
To keep your beauty
Pay attention to cosmetics and meals for your skin
Are you making various efforts to improve your lifestyle?
Is it not?

In order to maintain a "beautiful posture",
What kind of efforts are you making?

As one element of beauty in Reauty
I believe that attitude is also important.

Please try to imagine.
Beautiful skin, good style
Even if you're dressed nicely
The figure with a stooped chin is
It's a shame...
Would you like to think?

Conversely, even if you are a little chubby
When your spine is straight and you are walking beautifully
Don't you find it attractive?

Therefore, in order to obtain a “beautiful posture,”
Reauty recommends Reauty Roll!
In order to make your posture beautiful, you need to straighten your spine,
Firmly press the chest (thorax) is an important point!
The spine is distorted and the chest must be wide open
It will cause a stoop.

Reauty Roll is just lying down in the gap time,
Straighten your spine and open your chest
It's a great way to stretch!
And when you start to open your chest wider,
To be able to breathe deeper and wider
It is also said to have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system.
This may lead to improved sleep quality.

Reauty Roll recommended for busy modern people just to lie down!
Would you like to try it?

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