How to use RealLine Coreno skillfully -Pelvis edition-

ReaLine Corenoの上手な使い方~骨盤編~
[How to use RealLine Coreno skillfully - pelvis edition -]

This time RealLine Core (ReaLine・How to use core)
Introducing "how to improve hip movement"!
There is also a video on the 4th sheet★

ReaLine・If you prepare the pelvis with the core
The hip joint is also straightened directly.
When the hip joint is in place, movement is smooth and
It can be moved dynamically.
Better hip joint movement
run, jump, kick
In sports that include actions such as
Improving performance and preventing injuries
You can expect it!
It is also recommended for those who feel clogged in their hip joints.
Let me show you one exercise.

[Stamping exercise]
(1) Hold the pelvis unit lightly from above with both hands so that the position of the pelvis unit does not shift.
②Stamp on the spot
③ Operate the ratchet and tighten the belt to the extent that it does not hurt
④ Perform the stepping on the spot again
*If you don't feel any slack in ③, you don't need to force it.
Please be careful.

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