Is your breastfeeding position comfortable?


<Are you comfortable with your breastfeeding position?>

Breastfeeding your baby begins immediately after birth.
Especially if it's your first birth, you'll likely receive guidance from a midwife while you're in the hospital, but have you ever felt like you couldn't breastfeed in a comfortable position once you got home?

There are several different positions for breastfeeding, but here we will talk about the basic position that allows for comfortable breastfeeding while holding the baby sideways.

◎ Tips for breastfeeding while holding the baby sideways ① Make a place to support the baby’s arms and head. This does not have to be a nursing cushion, but
If you create a place where you can support the mother's elbow, her arm will not get tired,
It is stable and easy for babies to drink.

②What supports the baby's hips and back?
Use your elbow, not your wrist. If you try to hold your baby by just using your wrist,
This can cause wrist discomfort.
Therefore, if you use your elbow to reduce the strain on your wrist,
The baby is also stable.

3. Avoid soft sofas that mothers can sink into. Breastfeeding times can be long or short, but breastfeeding on soft sofas that mothers can sink into while sitting can cause their posture to deteriorate.
It's best to avoid this as it puts strain on your back.

④ Be careful not to slouch. I'm worried about how my baby is doing, but
Hunching over your baby while breastfeeding puts a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders.
While watching the baby,
It is a good idea to adjust it while facing forward.

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