Are you comfortable with your breastfeeding posture?


Breastfeeding of a baby that starts immediately after birth.
In particular, in the case of the first birth, from the midwife during hospitalization
I am often asked to guide
For some reason, when I get home, I can't breastfeed in a comfortable position.
Have you ever felt like that?

There are several types of breastfeeding postures.
Here, the basic breastfeeding in the horizontal position
Let's talk about what makes you comfortable.

◎Points for sideways breastfeeding
(1) Make a part that supports the arm that supports the baby's head
There is no problem if this is not a nursing cushion,
If you create a place where you can support your elbow, your arm will not get tired,
Baby is stable and easy to drink.

② Supporting the baby's buttocks and back
Use your elbows instead of your wrists
Here, if the baby is touched only by the wrist,
Wrist discomfort may occur.
Therefore, if you use the elbow to reduce the burden on the wrist,
Baby is stable.

③Avoid a soft sofa that mom can sink into
Breastfeeding time can be long or short
Like sinking while mom is sitting
Breastfeeding on a soft sofa will gradually lose your posture,
It is better to avoid it because it puts a burden on the lower back.

④ Be careful of stooping
I'm worried about my baby
Looking at the baby hunched over while breastfeeding
It puts a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders.
While watching the baby
It is good to adjust while facing forward.

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Also great for breastfeeding!
Because it is a legless chair type that is convenient to carry,
Even at home, I have to breastfeed in the car when I go out
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