Children's Day ソール In Free Shipping Campaign [Period: April 15 - May 5]

こどもの日 子供用インソール送料無料キャンペーン【開催期間:4月15日 9:00~5月5日】

Thank you for your continued patronage.

During the period,ReaLine・Free shipping for orders of insoles and juniors.

 [Holding period: April 15th 9:00 to May 5th]


ReaLine・Insole Jr. corrects the distortion of the feet that occurs in childhood and promotes the development of healthy feet and knees.

size is12cm21 cmAvailable from the baby's first shoes.

Please take this opportunity to try it.


■ReaLine・Insole Junior product page


■ Campaign notes

・The product will be shipped to the billing address.

・Free shippingReaLine・Shipping costs are included if you order insoles/juniors and other products at the same time. free shippingReaLine・Please order insoles and juniors only.


If you have any other questions Please contact us.

Thank you for your kind support.



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