Holiday information for the year-end and New Year holidays


We are sorry to inform you that we will be closed during the following period.


  • Holiday period

202112moon28day (fire) ~

20221moon4until Sunday (Tuesday)


  • Customers ordering products

202112moon27Sun (Mon) morning10:00Orders received by this date will be shipped on the same day. Orders after 10:00 are closed1moon6It will be shipped after Sunday (Thursday), so please be careful if you are in a hurry.


  • Receiving luggage such as rental products

202112moon27day (month)15:00Rental products and other packages that arrive after this time will be received after the holidays.1moon5It will be on Wednesday.

During the period when you cannot receive the items, you cannot stop the continuous billing of the rental items, so please be careful when returning the items.


  • Apply for seminar

You can apply for the seminar even during the holidays.KOKOKARAPlease follow the procedure from the online site.


  • Inquiries

We are unable to respond to inquiries by email or phone during the holiday period, so if you are in a hurry,12moon27day (month)16:00Please contact us by


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