ReaLine・Procedure for loosening the core belt

リアライン・コア ベルトを弛める手順

ReaLine・We have received an increasing number of inquiries about how to loosen the core belt, so we will summarize them below.
ReaLine・If you are using the core for the first time, we would appreciate it if you could check it together with the explanation video.

■Step 1: While pushing the "unlock" knob at the base of the ratchet toward the "ReaLine" logo in the center of the main unit, flip it 180 degrees so that it opens outward.
*The ratchet cannot be opened 180 degrees unless the "unlock" is pressed.

■Step 2: The ratchet circled in red in the image below is fully opened 180 degrees. If it does not open outward like the upper ratchet, please operate again to open 180 degrees while pushing "unlock" again.

*It is easier to open if you put your finger in the red circle part of the image and push it outward.

■Procedure 3: The belt can be loosened when the ratchet is fully open.
* After loosening the belt, return the ratchet to its original position while pressing the "unlock" button in the same way.

■ What to do when the belt comes off


■ For first-time purchasers

Watch the explainer video


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