Regarding requests for GLAB athlete support


At GLAB, we provide support to top athletes with the goal of preventing injuries, preventing recurrence, and improving performance.

We ask that players carefully read the following and fully understand the purpose of the support before filling out the request form.


Main target of athlete support

◎ World-class level: High rankings and international competition awards

◎Top level in Japan ・Japan national team member

◎ Belongs to a top domestic league (Japan Championship, professional baseball first division, J1, B League, etc.)

◎Domestic semi-top leagues (professional baseball 2nd division, soccer J2, J3, etc.)

◎Athletes and former athletes with overwhelming fame

Support Content

For details on support,
① Competition level ② Fame ③ Number of people reached through SNS, etc. ④ Cooperation with product promotion activities
Applications will be judged based on the following criteria.
Please note that we may not be able to meet all of your requests.


Important matter

● GLAB athlete support is conditional on mutual cooperation between the athlete and our company. We appreciate your active cooperation in product promotion activities (PR).
● Unfortunately, there are cases where the products we provide are resold on sites such as Mercari. If we find out that someone is reselling the products, we will ask for the original price of the products and compensation for damages.
● In accordance with the above, the Realign Core and Rehaby Leg Press will be considered "loaned" and you will be required to return them or purchase them at list price when you retire or support ends.


Contract details/procedures

This is the content of the contract.
We will cooperate to the extent possible with regard to promotional cooperation, athlete care, etc. Please cooperate to the extent possible due to contracts with your affiliation and other companies.
With that in mind, if you would like to request support, please fill out this form .
・By providing your consent on this form, you are deemed to have agreed to the contract, and the contract will be concluded on the date of submission of the form.


Process after signing the contract

  1. Deciding on contract and support details
  2. Product Shipping
  3. Submit comments (text or video) and photos
  4. Submit your feedback after using the product (or participate in an online interview)
  5. If you are experiencing problems such as poor performance due to illness, we offer athlete support at a 20,000 yen discount (10,000 yen per hour).

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