ReaLine・ How to use core basics 2


【ReaLine・ How to use the core basics 2】

Continuing from the last time, the pelvis andthoraxarrange
Here are some basic exercises for!

ReaLine・The core is
Even for a short period of time, such as before practice or before a game
thorax・You can adjust the pelvis

● Pelvic exercise ●
ReaLine・ Left and right with the core wound
Gently shift your pelvis.
When the feeling changes from the first roll, the pelvis is in the correct position.
It's a sign that things are getting better.

thoraxToReaLine・Rotating motion is performed while the core is wound.
thoraxSince it is a rotational movement of the body, instead of turning the whole body
Keep your knees and toes facing forward
It's the point.

Exercise like this before a game, before practice, before training, etc.
By doing
Joints become lighter and easier to move
For example, a golf swing
Be able to make it bigger than usual
If it is a running competition,
Your legs will be lighter and you will be able to move a lot!

ReaLine・How do you like the core?
ReaLine・We also sell cores
We also have a rental system that can be used for a short period of time!

The rental system is recommended for those who:
・ Those who want to try it out
・Overseas expedition for athletes
・Conditioning for weekend golf
Furthermore, for postpartum pelvic conditioning
You can use it!

Details and application for the rental system,
Other body care items
You can view it from the official website below.
Please refer to it ☺️

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