back pain caused by pelvis

[Low back trouble caused by the pelvis]

Last time, about back pain that develops due to muscle tension
We talked.
This time, we will talk about back pain that develops due to the pelvis.

The pelvis looks like a single bony mass
In fact, some bones make joints in the pelvis.

It's not just about the pelvis
the joints must be in the correct position
Various failures occur.

In the case of the lower back, carrying a heavy load or
Staying in the same position for a long time
It will move slightly from the correct position.

It's not that it deviates greatly.
It's just a slight change in position.

Then, around the buttocks and waist
Pain occurs.

This pain, of course, has waves of pain
If you don't put it back in the right place
It often doesn't go back to normal.

Some people experience neurological symptoms such as numbness.
because sometimes
If you feel that it is not just back pain
We recommend that you consult a medical institution as soon as possible.

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