Relationship between baby carrier and posture


There are also mothers who prepare a baby carrier when childbirth is imminent.
There are probably many.

The cuddle string is a very useful item when you go out!
Even at home, when you can't fall asleep
When I hug you with a hugging string
Isn't it sometimes said that you fall asleep?

Such a convenient cuddle string actually depends on your posture and style.
It can sometimes have a bad effect.

Using a leash
Support your baby on your shoulders and hips
It's going to be a burden.

The burden encourages slouch and bad posture.
In addition to bad posture,
Even those who have hurt their shoulders and hips...

Reauty items are recommended for such moms!
while your baby naps and after you go to sleep at night
Do you want to make time to take care of a little bit?

New item of Reauty
By using it, the cause of bad posture
We can solve it!

even for a short time
Just ride a roll and roll around

After riding, it is easier to stretch the back muscles
You can feel it!
A nice effect to improve the quality of sleep!

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