What is ReaLine?


What is ReaLine?

First of all, what is "ReaLine"?
For those of you who are wondering, this time we will explain "What is ReaLine?"
I would like to talk about...

ReaLine means <re- (again) + align (to arrange)>
In other words, Realign is a term created to mean adjusting distorted joints or those that have lost their natural movement back to their ideal state.

Kazuyoshi Kamada ( @kazuyoshigamada ), a doctor of physical education and physical therapist who knows everything about distortions, arrived at this philosophy based on his extensive experience as a therapist.

When we say "distortion,"
Some people may imagine that the joints are wide open, but the joints are not that wide open.
It's not that it's moving in a strange direction, but rather that there is a small gap.

Even professional athletes
Whether you are a sports enthusiast or just a hobbyist,
When you exercise, it puts a lot of strain on your joints.

If that care is not provided adequately, the burden will accumulate,
This will eventually lead to pain and discomfort.

Joints are, so to speak, consumables.
To avoid wasting it,
Move your joints in a way that doesn't put strain on them.
It is important to build strong joints.

Products based on the ReaLine concept have been developed to help you learn movements that put less strain on your joints and to guide you to make correct movements while exercising!

Realign insoles to improve your feet from the ground up.
Use Realign balance shoes to straighten your knees.
Realign Core to align the rib cage and pelvis.
ReaLine socks are great for ankles that are already weak due to sprains or other conditions.

You can choose according to your needs!

For more detailed information about the product, please see our previous post or the official website linked in our profile.
Please feel free to use this as a reference ☺️

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