What is RealLine?


[What is RealLine? ]

What is "RealLine" in the first place?
For those who say, this time "What is RealLine?"
I would like to talk about

What is RealLine

in short,ReaLinedistorted with
Joints that have lost their original movement
to put it in an ideal state
It is a word made with meaning.

I know all about distortion
Academic Doctorate / Physical Therapist
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada)but
Based on my extensive experience as a therapist
I have arrived at this concept.

Speaking of "distortion"
Imagine that the joints are wide open
Some people may
The joints open so wide,
It's not a state of moving in a strange direction
It is in a state that there is a slight gap.

Even professional athletes
Whether you are a hobbyist sports enthusiast,
Exercise puts a lot of stress on your joints.

If you don't do enough care
The burden is accumulating,
Someday in pain and discomfort

Joints are consumables.
In order not to waste it
To move joints that are hard to put a burden on,
It is important to build strong joints.

Products based on the RealLine concept
Movement that puts less strain on the joints
Items that can be learned
Allows correct movement during exercise
Developed to guide!

To prepare from the feetReaLine·insole.
to straighten your kneesReaLine・BalanceShoes。
thoraxand to prepare the pelvisReaLine·core.
For originally weakened ankles such as sprainsReaLine·socks.

You can choose according to your needs!

For more information on the product, see previous posts and
You can view it from the official site of the profile link.
Please refer to it ☺️

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