Do you need pelvic correction?


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Those who have heard the word pelvic correction
There are probably many.

Should I have my pelvis corrected?
don't you have to
I'm going to talk to you for those who have doubts.

In conclusion
I don't think Reauty is necessary for pelvic braces.

Reauty does not use the word "pelvic correction".
The medical industry does not like to use the word orthodontic
There are many therapists.

So what is pelvic correction?

Pelvic correction corrects the distorted pelvis caused by childbirth, etc.
It often means to return to the original state.
(The meaning may change depending on the facility you are using.)

In a story related to childbirth, after giving birth, the pelvis becomes loose.
There is also a story that it becomes wobbly
Pelvic correction means to restore these
It is possible.

Certainly, the pelvis opens little by little from around the last month,
It opens wide during childbirth.
However, the opening gradually returns from immediately after childbirth.
Approximately 1-2 months after giving birth, it returns to its original state.

Even if I can't completely return
It's only a few millimeters off
It can be said that it will not be loose and wobbly.

The pelvis that did not fully return is the soft surroundings of the pelvis such as muscles.
Organization is often the cause.

Therefore, instead of the expression of correcting the pelvis
❝Prepare the tissue around the pelvis❞
Reauty thinks that is the correct expression.

No need for pelvic correction
It is necessary to trim the condition around the pelvis!

It will also be a plus to restore the body shape after childbirth ◎
This article is for pelvic correction
I would be happy if you could refer to those who are lost.

nice! For those who thought
Please follow me.


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