Is pelvic alignment necessary?


Is pelvic adjustment necessary?

Many people have probably heard of the term pelvic adjustment.

Is it better to have pelvic adjustment?
Don't I have to?
I would like to explain this for those who are wondering.

In conclusion, I don't think Reauty is necessary for pelvic adjustment.

At Reauty, we do not use the term "pelvic adjustment."
Even in the medical industry, there are many therapists who prefer not to use the word orthodontics.

So, what is pelvic adjustment?

Pelvic adjustment often means returning the pelvis, which has become distorted due to childbirth or other reasons, to its original position.
(The meaning may change depending on the facility you are using.)

There is a story surrounding childbirth that the pelvis becomes loose and wobbly after giving birth, and pelvic adjustment is thought to mean restoring this to its original position.

Certainly, the pelvis opens little by little from the time of pregnancy.
It opens wide during birth.
However, the gap will gradually close immediately after giving birth and will return to almost normal within 1 to 2 months after giving birth.

Even if you can't fully recover,
It is safe to say that the misalignment will only be a few millimeters and will not cause any looseness or wobbliness.

When the pelvis does not return to its original position, it is often due to problems with the soft tissues around the pelvis, such as the muscles.

Therefore, rather than saying that we are correcting the pelvis, we say that we are “adjusting the condition of the tissues around the pelvis.”
Reauty believes this is the correct expression.

Even if pelvic adjustment is not necessary, it is necessary to adjust the condition of the area around the pelvis!

This will also help you get back into shape after giving birth.
I hope this article will be helpful to those who are unsure about pelvic alignment.

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