Would you like to relieve your anxiety?


[would you like to relieve your anxiety? ]

I'm kind of worried about my back...
I have a strained back in front and I'm wearing a supporter...
Do you have any worries?

If you have ever experienced a strained back
Isn't it surprisingly a lot?

The hospital prescribed a supporter,
Even if it's wrapped around
It's a common story.

But do those supporters really protect their lower back?

There are various kinds of supporters.
For areas you want to protect pinpoint
RehabyBelt (Rehaby・ Belt) is the best!

As I wrote in my previous article
"Sacroiliac joint" is a problem
Back pain is also common.

This RehabyBelt is
Developed to stabilize the sacroiliac joint.
The attached pad moves the sacroiliac joint from the left and right.
Gently press it so that it sticks.

Commercial supporters are
There are many types of products that can be tightened over a wide area.
Inevitably, I feel tightness,
It puts pressure on the nerve.
But this RehabyBelt
Because pressure is applied to the pinpoint
Do not tighten without permission!

Those with back pain,
Commercially available supporters and pelvic belts
rather than try
Why not use RehabyBelt?

We are currently accepting reservations for the second production run.
It is scheduled to be in stock in December.
If you are interested, please click the profile link
Please make a reservation from the official website!

Rehaby supports those who work hard!

Click here to purchase Rehaby products



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