Preventing injuries


[Prevention of injuries]
Injuries are inevitable for athletes
I think that’s one problem.

Even if you take precautions to avoid injuries, there are times when they are unavoidable.

In particular, sprains
It is easy to imagine many unavoidable situations, such as stepping on an opponent's foot when landing from a jump, or getting caught on another athlete's foot when turning.

In times like these, you should wear Realine socks as a preventative measure!

As I have mentioned before, Realine socks are
These socks are made using a special knitting method.
In the direction where sprains are likely to occur,
It keeps your ankles in the correct position to prevent them from slipping.
This has the effect of preventing sprains.

Taping tends to loosen after it is wrapped.
The one drawback of the Realine socks is that
It does not loosen like taping, so the effects are sustained as long as you wear it.

While there may be some situations where it is unavoidable, wearing ReaLine socks may help prevent severe sprains.
(There is no guarantee that all sprains can be prevented.)

People who play contact sports,
Those who want to prevent sprains,
Why not try ReaLine socks as a preventative measure?

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