How to use ReautyRoll at home①


<How to use ReautyRoll at home ①>

ReautyRoll was developed by Kazuyoshi Kamada ( @kazuyoshigamada ), a doctor of science and physical therapist who knows everything about distortions, to help you achieve beautiful posture at home.

This time, we will introduce some easy ways to use it at home!

Just lying down on the ReautyRoll will make your back feel straighter.
It will help you achieve a beautiful posture, but adding some exercises will make it even more effective.

◆Deep breathing exercise◆
Bend your knees, hang your arms down and take a deep breath.
Chest movement (rib cage movement) improves,
It allows you to breathe deeper.
You can expect improved quality of sleep!

◆Bust Up Exercises◆
With your knees bent, raise your arms overhead.
Keep the stretched position comfortably.
It is effective in increasing bust size!

There are many more exercises available!
The rest will be introduced next time, so if you're interested, please check it out!

Now on sale at the official website linked in the profile!

It's easy to use and can be used at home for beauty care in your spare time.
Please come and get your ideal "beauty" with ReautyRoll!

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