How to use ReautyRoll at home①


An academic doctor and physical therapist who knows all about distortion
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada) was developed by
You can become a "posture beauty" at home

This time, I will introduce how to use it at home!

ReautyRoll just lays down
The spine stretches comfortably,
It will lead you to a "beautiful" posture.
Add a little exercise
Even more effective

◆Deep breathing exercise◆
With your knees bent and your arms loose
Take a deep breath and repeat.
chest movement (thoraxmovement) is improved,
You will be able to breathe deeply.
You can expect to improve your sleep quality!

◆ Bust-up exercise ◆
Bend your knees and raise your arms up.
Stay comfortably stretched
please keep
Effective for bust up!

There are many more exercises!
I will introduce the continuation next time.
If you are interested, please check it out ◎

On the official website linked to the profile
Now on sale!

Easy to use, you can take care of your "beauty" at home in your spare time.
Please use ReautyRoll for your ideal “beauty”
Please get it ❀


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