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[Secret of RehabyBelt]

I have introduced this many times,
RehabyBelt (Rehabybelt)
I will tell you about the secret.

The third photo shows what happens when the RehabyBelt is wrapped.
movements of the pelvic joints.

This image shows the pelvis from above (from the head side)
This is what you see when you look at it.
It may be a little hard to understand
The side marked as "back" is the spine side
The front is the stomach side.

When you purchase a RehabyBelt,
The product comes with a pad.
Attach this pad to the belt body and wrap it around your waist.

It will be arranged so that the pad hits from four directions.

Correct pad position
(described in detail in the manual attached to the product)
Tighten the belt while still in contact.
Then, thanks to the pad, the pelvis is tight and firm.
You can even keep it stable!

As I have said before, conventional supporters and
A pelvic belt is
There is no pad like this, and the overall shape is tightened.

However, RehabyBelt tightens only the joints
Areas that do not need to be tightened, such as blood vessels and nerves
Don't worry about tightening.
(Unnecessarily constricting blood vessels and nerves
You may end up with new pain! )

It can be said that it is a new type of pelvic belt that has never existed before.
Recommended for those who want to stabilize their pelvis.

Because it is thin and does not stand out even when it is attached,
while working
Safe to use.

We are currently accepting reservations for the second production run.
It is scheduled to be in stock in December.
If you are interested, please click the profile link
Please make a reservation from the official website!

RehabyBelt, nice! For those who thought
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Rehaby supports those who work hard!


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