How to use ReautyRoll at home②


An academic doctor and physical therapist who knows all about distortion
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada) was developed by
You can become a "posture beauty" at home
This time, we will continue to introduce you to how to use it at home!

ReautyRoll just lays down
The spine stretches comfortably,
It will lead you to a "beautiful" posture.
Add a little exercise
You can also expect a shape-up effect ◎

◆Pokkori belly repel! Lower abdomen exercise! ◆
with your arms loose
Bend your knees and hips to 90 degrees.
Consciousness is around the lower abdomen (lower abdomen).

① From this position, extend both knees and repeat bending.
Before your feet touch the floor (a posture in which your knees are straight)
Ideally it should be extended
It may be tight at first, so stretch it to a position where you can stretch it out.
Repeat stretching and returning to the bent state.

② Next, bend and stretch your knees alternately.
Keep one leg bent and one leg extended in left and right order.
As in ①, keep your feet from touching the floor.
If it's too tight, repeat stretching and bending until you can stretch it.

Start with 10 bends and stretches.
If 10 times is tight, 5 times is fine!

Immediately after birth,
This exercise puts a lot of strain on the body.
I introduced the other day
Deep breathing exercises and bust lifting exercises
to do centered
I recommend it.

If you are worried about the starting point,
Please consult with your obstetrician.
On the official website linked to the profile
Now on sale!

It's easy to use and
Care for "beauty" at home that can be done in your spare time.
Please use ReautyRoll for your ideal “beauty”
Please get it ❀


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