What is distortion?


[What is distortion? ]

well in town
"distortion correction"
Such as a manipulative that is written as
Would you like to see a signboard?

"Distortion" is a word that is often used
is it really twisted?
I think there are some people who wonder.

Among medical personnel,
There are also opinions that deny distortion.
On the other hand, the word "distortion" is used positively
Some people use
Controversy is the modern state of affairs.

At Rehaby, we use the word "distortion".

developer of this brand
Academic Doctorate / Physical Therapist
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada)teeth
I have been studying distortion for many years.
By "fixing distortion" all products
Make a theory to solve various problems

The word "distortion" advocated by Kamata is
It does not mean that the joints are greatly misaligned.
·correct position
・Original position
It is an image that it deviates a little from.

Same with the building.
If the position of the pillar is slightly off
The whole building bends from there,
collapsed or...
Something like that could happen, right?

In other words, a little "distortion", but not only that part
causing problems throughout the body
It means that there is a possibility.

RehabyBelt, which has been introduced before,
When used by those whose pelvis is slightly out of alignment
Because it will put the part back in the correct position,
It's the principle of having fun.

Looking at the distortion from the outside,
I don't understand
if somewhere
"It's distorted."
if you say
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