Would you like to go out and have fun?


Shortly after giving birth
when the baby gets a little older
You will have more opportunities to travel.

After half a year, I went on my first trip
There may also be outings outside the prefecture.

In such a case, from pregnancy to postpartum
Mothers who were less active
Worried about getting tired?

Similarly, returning to work
Especially for standing and moving jobs
Mom who is doing
I can't move like before giving birth...
In such a case, just put it in your shoes
Why not use simple insoles?

You can expect such an effect by putting insoles!

Extend your knees straight
Prevent foot fatigue
Keep your feet firmly in front
● Hip up

Insoles are what athletes use.
I think there is a lot of recognition
It is now widely used.

This time, I talked about going out after giving birth.
should be used during pregnancy

By keeping the insoles familiar with your feet during pregnancy
You can walk comfortably and well after giving birth!

The release is scheduled from December to January!

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