knee twist


[Knee twist]

If you say "my knees are twisted",
Some people have a slightly scary image
You may be there.
Also, the image of being twisted
Isn't it hard to wake up?

This time, it causes various problems
I'm talking about twisted knees.

The knee is made up of the thighbone, shinbone, and a round bone called the plate.
is made.

flexion and extension of the knee are
each of these three bones
It consists of moving positions.

As you bend your knees
The bone of the shin called the tibia
Gradually rotate inward.
Conversely, if you extend your knees,
The tibia gradually rotates outward.

If this rotational movement is at a certain angle,
I have it from the beginning
It's a physiological movement.
It often happens that when you stretch it out, it becomes too much
It is in a state of being rotated outward.
Conversely, when bending
There is also a lack of medial rotation.

The state of abnormally many or insufficient rotations is
If you keep using your knees
In particular, the burden on the inside of the knee is large,
can cause problems.

These can be treated manually to some extent.
Osteoarthritis of the knee
even those diagnosed with
A deformed bone cannot be restored,
May reduce pain and movement.

The treatment for this abnormal movement is
First of all, such as muscles that have hardened
Start by setting the organization free.

where I am free,
Repetition of correct movement to knee
I need re-education to teach you.

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