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How to play sports safely
Leg balance and alignment (alignment of joints and bones)
It is very important that the is in order.

The foot (the part below the ankle joint) is the only part that touches the ground
It's part of your body.

If this foot is not firmly stable
I can't walk or run well
When it's distorted, it distorts more
There is a possibility.

knee pain, hip pain,
There are various causes
Poor foot alignment causes pain
To the extent that it may develop
Feet are a very important part.

for ankleBalanceShoeswearing
when you exercise
the correct movements are learned,
Align your feet.

Once your feet are aligned
The alignment of the whole leg up to the hip joint is also in place.

Also, you can use the fine muscles of your legs.
Hard-to-train areas are activated
important leg muscles
Side step or cutting motion
You will be stronger and faster!

sports performance
He/she raises with a jerk,
BalanceShoespurchase of
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