What is the purpose of going to the hospital?


If you are visiting the hospital for knee problems,
I'm sure there are many.
There are various reasons, such as injuries during sports,
injuries at work,
No bone abnormalities were observed.
For the time being, those who are prescribed rehabilitation.

Among them, the most common is knee deformation.
This is a person who is in the hospital with worries.

Undergo thorough examinations such as X-rays and MRIs
When diagnosed by a doctor,
Many will start rehabilitation.
Here, the purpose of rehabilitation is clearly defined.
Must know.

In current medicine, deformed joints
Rehabilitation cannot bring it back.

Then why rehab...?
The purpose of rehabilitation is not to improve bone deformity
It is to prepare the tissues such as muscles around it.

Sometimes the deformed joint itself causes pain.
Tissues such as muscles are often painful.

Of course it's the same thing in the orthopedic clinic and the manipulative clinic.

Instead of fixing the deformed bone itself
The goal is to improve the environment.

It doesn't make sense if the deformation itself can't be cured! some people think
there may be
By improving the environment
You can slow down the progression of transformation
It may also be possible to avoid surgery. 

I'm not saying that surgery should never be done.
I don't want to, if I can,
Isn't it?

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