A question for postpartum moms


Have you ever heard that your legs are prone to cramps during pregnancy?
In fact, if you have experienced leg cramps after pregnancy,
It seems that there are surprisingly many.

When the leg cramps, it is a severe pain at that time,
until the next day and the day after that
Discomfort often remains
In the case of pregnant women, before the discomfort improves,
next pain...
Oh my God.

Is there any way to prevent my feet from slipping?

It seems that there are various reasons for leg cramps.
・Insufficient exercise
・Increased burden on feet (including weight gain)
- Poor blood flow
・Insufficient calcium, etc.
There are many reasons for this, as you will find many.
However, you can think of various ways to deal with it!

directly involved in the foot,
Regarding lack of exercise and increased burden
Reauty Sole is recommended for Reauty!

Reauty Sole gently supports from the sole of the foot
It also helps prevent foot fatigue.
For lack of exercise, light exercise such as walking,
If you have a lot of burden on your feet, there is a measure to reduce the burden.
I think you will need it
At that time, just put Reauty Sole in your shoes,
You can exercise or work while reducing the burden on your feet!

Just put it in and it works! ? and
For those wondering,
We are selling it at a price of ¥ 2,000 - which is easy to try
Feel free to purchase.

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From the official online site (https://glab.shop/)
Would you like to try Reauty Sole once?
It is also recommended for a walk with a postpartum baby!

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