Recommended for mountain climbing!ReaLine·socks


[Recommended for climbing!ReaLine·socks】

My hobby is mountain climbing, and when I have weekends off,
It is not uncommon to hear stories of people climbing every week.

If you are accustomed to climbing, there are things you have to be careful about while climbing
I understand, among other things, how to prevent injuries
I hope you have enough.

However, injuries can occur on mountains with poor footing.
There are parts where you can't predict when it will happen.
Even those who are used to it, those who have sprained their feet and
You may visit a medical institution if you have damaged your knee ligaments
There are many.

Therefore, to prevent foot injuries during mountain climbing
ReaLine Socks(ReaLine・Socks)
I recommend it!
I have introduced you several times.
ReaLine Socks guide your ankles away from tending to sprains.
It's a sock that will give you!
In addition, the alignment (balance) of the bones of the foot when worn
It will adjust naturally
easier to move,
Furthermore, the joints above the foot (especially the nearby knee joint)
burden such as
Reduce and prevent fatigue!

There are two types of RealLine Socks,
For those who are likely to wear it for a long time such as mountain climbing
Soft type is recommended!
Thicker than regular socks
This point is also convenient for climbing!

To enjoy climbing
Want to try RealLine Socks?

Click here to purchase RealLine products


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