Also recommended for mountain climbing! Realine socks


[Recommended for mountain climbing! Realine socks]

It's not uncommon to hear stories of people whose hobby is mountain climbing being to go mountain climbing every weekend.

Those who are experienced will know what they need to be careful of while climbing, and will likely take sufficient measures to prevent injuries.

However, on mountains with poor footing, it is impossible to predict when an injury will occur.
Even people who are used to riding the bike often visit medical institutions after getting their ankle caught and suffering sprains or damaged knee ligaments.

So, to prevent foot injuries while climbing,
We recommend ReaLine Socks!
I've introduced it a few times now.
ReaLine Socks are socks that help guide your ankle so that it doesn't move in the direction that makes it more likely to cause a sprain!
In addition, wearing them naturally aligns the bones of your feet (balance), making it easier to move.
Furthermore, the joints above the feet (especially the knee joint nearby)
This also reduces the burden on the body and helps prevent fatigue!

There are two types of ReaLine Socks:
For those who are likely to wear them for long periods of time, such as when hiking, we recommend the soft type!
They are thicker than regular socks, which is great for hiking!

To enjoy mountain climbing,
Have you tried ReaLine Socks?

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