Is my pelvis distorted?


"I was told that my pelvis was distorted when I went to a manipulative treatment."
"When I was watching a health program, I became worried that my pelvis was distorted."
Do you have something like this?

There are various opinions as to whether or not there is actually distortion.
Commonly due to pelvic distortion
Back pain, headache, stiff neck, etc.
Constipation, edema, and disturbance of the autonomic nervous system are more likely to occur
What a saying.

Is this true? !
I think there are people who think that
Anything is possible.

However, to think that everything is happening only with the distortion of the pelvis
There are parts that are difficult to think about,
The current state of affairs is unclear.

But Reauty can tell you one thing,
Because the pelvis is connected to the hip joint and spine,
Their impact is huge!
In particular, by aligning the spine,
The pelvis may also adjust naturally.
Conversely, if the spine is distorted even if only the pelvis is adjusted
It means that the pelvis may be distorted!

We recommend the Reauty Roll!
Just by lying down, your spine will be aligned and naturally lead to a good posture.
Furthermore, this Reauty Roll and RealLine Core (ReaLine・Core)
Using items together
While straightening the spine,
You can also trim your pelvis and hip joints together!
Not only the spine, only the pelvis, only the hip joints
Because you can self-care your whole body at home
Recommended for busy moms!

RealLine Core is from the same official online shop as Reauty
Available for purchase!

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