What are pelvic floor muscles?


Recently, it has become common to hear it on TV and the Internet.
What kind of muscles are "pelvic floor muscles"?
This time we will talk about the pelvic floor muscles.
If you search the internet you will find a lot of information
Pelvic floor muscles are in the pelvis,
A general term for several small muscles.

The main role of the pelvic floor muscles is
support the organs in the pelvis,
Controls urination and defecation.
Therefore, if the function becomes weak, various
It can cause discomfort.

It is also closely related to the muscles around the buttocks and abdomen.
If it doesn't work well, it causes sagging of the stomach and buttocks.
It also leads to

Exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
Various things have been introduced
Whether you can really train
It is difficult to confirm visually and sensuously
Now comes the difficult part.

Therefore, we recommend that Reauty handles
It's Reauty Perinelizer!

This item works just by sitting down and doing a simple exercise.
First, prepare the pelvic floor muscles that have become weak,
And you can train!

There are two protrusions, and according to the attached manual
just sit there
You can accurately grasp the position of the pelvic floor muscles.

Exercises such as moving the hip joints and exhaling
Simple things that anyone can do
It's easy to understand!

How about a Reauty Perinelizer to trim your pelvic floor muscles?

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