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As there is a word "postpartum care"
After childbirth, mothers need various care
may be necessary.

The content of the care
As a prevention of "postpartum depression", care for the heart and
Discomfort in the body, pain somewhere, etc.
You can take care of your body.

There is a period of hospitalization immediately after childbirth,
With the help of a midwife
You have time to rest your mind and body.

But as soon as I left the hospital, I had to do everything by myself.
I can't go... It's also a reality that there are a lot of people like that.

The thing that Somma Mama fights is
Unable to raise children as expected,
I got no help from anyone
This can lead to what is known as “postpartum depression”.

I'm feeling down
Although it is ideal to issue an SOS as soon as you feel
because it can't be done easily
Postpartum depression is a serious problem.

To such a tired mom,
Reauty recommends
It's Reauty Roll!

This item was originally
It is an item for creating a beautiful posture.
By lying down and adjusting your breathing
You can expect the effect of refreshing your body and mind!

To solve the serious problem of "postpartum depression" with this one
Of course you can't
As an item to control your mental
If you have one, you can use it when your baby is sleeping a little or
It's recommended because you can create your own relaxing time when you're in a good mood!

More than you think after giving birth
I am tired both physically and mentally.
While relying on the strength of the surroundings,
It is also important to prepare the care that you can do yourself from before birth ◎

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