Do you have any problems wearing high heels?


Do you have any problems when wearing high heels?

I'm sure there are quite a few people who have to wear high-heeled pumps for work.

I think most mothers wear flat-heeled sneakers during pregnancy and immediately after giving birth, but after returning to work, kindergarten entrance and graduation ceremonies, weddings, funerals, etc.
There are times when a woman needs to wear them.

Do you have these problems when wearing high heels?
If you have any of the following problems, such as foot pain, tired feet, wobbly feet, or poor posture that makes walking strange, then Reauty's items are for you.
I recommend Reauty FemSole!

This item is called an insole.
This is the high heel version of the insole you put in your sneakers.

The characteristics are: 1) The foot slides forward in the pumps,
Prevent your toes from hurting by gently supporting the arch of your foot.
There are two main ways to make it easier to straighten your knees!

Also, because it is made of a soft material, some people find the cushion-like sensation to be quite pleasant.
If you are worried about high heels, why not give these a try?

For those who are wondering, "Does just adding it really have such an effect?"
It is available at a reasonable price of 2,000 yen, so you can try it out without hesitation.

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