Are you worried about wearing high heels?


Pumps with heels for work
Not a few people have to wear them
I think you are.

No heels during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth
A mother who wears sneakers
I think most
After returning to work, nursery school entrance graduation ceremony, ceremonial occasions, etc.

There are occasional occasions when women have to wear them.

Do you have these problems when wearing high heels?
・My feet hurt
・My legs get tired
- Unsteady and difficult to walk
・Poor posture and strange gait, etc.
For those who have such troubles, Reauty items
We recommend Reauty FemSole!

This item is said to be a so-called insole,
put in sneakers
It is a high heel version of the insole.

feature is
① My feet slipped forward in the pumps,
Prevent toe pain
② By gently supporting the arch of the sole of the foot,
make it easier to straighten your knees
These are the big two!

It is also made of soft material.
It seems that some people feel comfortable like a cushion.
Those who are concerned about high-heeled pumps
Would you like to try it once?

Just putting it in really has such an effect! ? and
For those wondering,
We are selling it at a price of ¥ 2,000 - which is easy to try
Feel free to purchase.

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