Skillful use of RealLine CorethoraxHen

ReaLine Coreの上手な使い方~胸郭編~

[Skillful use of RealLine Core ~thoraxHen-]

This time RealLine Core (ReaLine・How to use core)
「thoraxIntroducing how to improve the overall movement!

thoraxSince it is located in the center of the body, the movement of the spine,
Arm movement, movement from the pelvis down, etc.
Almost all movements are involved.

For that reason,thoraxWhen the movement of
better movement throughout the body
That's what it means!

This time, we also used an item called Reauty Roll in the advanced version.
This is a deep breathing exercise.

Previously, I introduced deep breathing while standing.
more than thatthoraxYou can expect the effect of trimming!

Exercise steps ☟
[Deep breath]
① Lie on your back on the ryuti roll
② Bend your knees and balance, and put your arms on the floor with weak arms.
②Take a deep breath in through your nose while relaxing your whole body.
③ Exhale deeply through your mouth while feeling your shoulder blades sinking toward the floor.
④ Repeat

The video is

You can see from here

ReaLine・ If you are interested in the core
Since there is a trial rental system from 1 week
Check out the official website ☺️

Click here to purchase or rent RealLine products


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Instagram for Luty Roll @reauty_working_mama
Details are explained in this account.

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